1968 Giovanni Mardersteig

Printer, typeface and book designer / Verona, Italy

Born in Weimar in 1892 and deceased in Verona in 1977, Giovanni Marderstein, a native of Hans Mardersteig, was next to his work at the publishing house Kurz Wolff, founder of "Officina Bodoni" (hand press) and is considered one of the most significant typographers, book and font historians. The name "Bodoni" refers to the Parmesan master printer Giambattista Bodoni. To this day, his hand press is considered the longest working press of that time. No other press has nearly reached the international success of Officina Bodoni and has had such a huge impact within the graphic arts industry.
In addition, the book historian was all his life in search of perfect writing and so successively based on historical models, the Griffo, the Zeno, the Pacioli and finally the Dante. All together were created for the hand press and the Dante was even expanded with great success for the machine replacement. In addition, the font was a complete re-creation, which is also regarded as Mardersteigs height and end point. The "Prince of the Printers", as he was also known, was awarded the Gutenberg Prize of the City of Mainz in 1968 by the international Gutenberg Society for excellence in typography, as well as the Bodoni Prize of the city of Parma in the same year.