1971 Henri Friedländer

Writer and Typographer / Israel, Jerusalem

Born in Lyon in 1904 and deceased in Jerusalem in 1996, Henri Friedlaender had first contact with typography and book design at an early age in his teaching of graphic arts. In addition to his work as a setter, he was also responsible for the printing house of Klingspor. As a subsequent typographic designer at Hartung in Hamburg, he finally moved to Holland in 1932 and became Artistic Director of the printing company Mounton & Co. in Haag, where he has created countless typographic works and typefaces with German influence, as well as textbooks. Even during the occupation years, it was important for the book designer to continue to print his prints and pages. Finally, in 1950, he took over the management and construction of the Hadassah printing school in Jerusalem and devoted himself in 1970 finally the book design. He did not want to be seen as a typographer, but as a "craftsman". The Gutenberg Prize of the international Gutenberg Society was awarded to Henri Friedländer in 1971 for outstanding achievements in the spirit of Gutenberg. Friedländer is regarded as the second Gutenberg award winner to set an important course for the internationality of the award.