1986 Adrian Frutiger

Calligrapher / Bremgarten-Bern, Schweiz

Born in Unterseen in 1928 and died in Bremgarten near Bern in 2015, he is one of the leading creators of Swiss typography. After completing his type apprenticeship and studying at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich, the Swiss worked for Alfred Willimann and Walter Käch as a graphic designer. In 1962 he founded his own graphic studio in Paris. As a part time he taught at the École Estienne and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Frutiger designed numerous typefaces, including the sans serif "Linear Antiqua Univers" and the "Roissy", which was designed for the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Especially the 1968 designed "OCR-B" made him one of the most important font designers of our time.

The 1987 published book "The man and his characters" by Adrian Frutiger is still considered stand-up work on the theory of signs and has been translated into seven languages ​​and published. Since 2003, the "ASTRA-Frutiger Standart" and the "ASTRA-Frutiger Autobahn" have been decorating the traffic signs in Switzerland.

In addition to numerous honors and awards received the "typeface artist" 1986, for his graphic design, the Gutenberg Prize of the City of Mainz and the International Gutenberg Society.