1992 Ricardo José Vicent Museros

Printer, publisher and founder of the first Spanish Print Museum / Valencia, Spain

Born in 1938, the printer and publisher Ricardo José Vicent Museros is considered the founder of Spain's first printing press museum. Valencia is considered the oldest and first printer city in Spain. When a "Mainzer Woche" was agreed in 1975 on the sidelines of a performance by the Mainz theater, the Gutenberg press printed Spanish texts from the Gutenberg period in the town hall: Museros took this opportunity to spontaneously speak out for a town twinning of the two "Gutenberg Cities".

In 1987 he realized his idea of ​​a first Spanish printing museum in the monastery of El Puig near Valenica. Thanks to the printer, the "Museo de la Imprenta y de la Obra Grafica" has close relations with the Mainz Gutenberg Museum.

In 1992, in addition to numerous other awards and distinctions, the publisher was awarded the Gutenberg Prize by the International Gutenberg Society and the City of Mainz for his services to the art of printing and the documentary vivid depiction of their history in Spain, as well as for the development and promotion of the relationship between the cities of Valencia and Mainz