1996 John G. Dreyfus

Print Historian and Typographer / London, United Kingdom

Born in London in 1918 and deceased in 2002, he learned typography at Cambridge University Press. Later, he worked there as an assistant and also participated in the design of the catalog for the Gutenberg anniversary exhibition with the title "Printing and the Mind of Man". Again and again he worked on organizations and designs for catalogs. From 1954 he was a typographic consultant for the Monotype Corporation, as well as consultants for the whole European area of ​​the Limited Editions Club in New York. 21 years later, he was elected President of the Printing Historical Society in London. Through his numerous publications and publications on historical and current topics Dreyfus has worked on the development of lead from phototype to digital reproduction of characters. In 1996, the historian of printing received the Gutenberg Prize from the City of Mainz and the International Gutenberg Society. In the eulogy of Hermann Zapf Dreyfus is described as a person who "is not only particularly closely connected with Gutenberg, but also with the transformations of his art in our time."