2000 Jospeh M. Jacobson

Inventor and Technologist / Cambridge, USA

Physicist Joseph M. Jacobson, born in 1965 in Massachusetts, has pioneered the revolutionization of communication with his pioneering development of a new form of display. The American earned his doctorate in physics from MIT and has since worked in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1997 he founded the start-up company E-ink in Boston. In addition to the development of the "digital paper", as head of the Nano-media-Lab he mainly deals with the miniaturization of machines in the nano-field. Jacobson managed to load a thousandfold information onto a "piece of paper" that has properties of "old paper," but contains millions of microencapsulated globules that can change to a black or white surface through an electronic command. In 2002, the physicist received the Gutenberg Prize from the city of Mainz and the International Gutenberg Society for his groundbreaking development of a new form of display suitable for revolutionizing communication in a fundamental way.