2002 Otto Rohse

Typographer, wood and copper engraver and publisher of the Otto-Rohse-press / Insterburg, Russland

The typographer, wood and copper engraver Otto Rohse, born in 1925 and deceased in 2016, still enjoys an outstanding reputation far beyond Germany. Inspired by the painter Helene Wagenbichler, in 1943 he began studying at the Kunstakademie Königsberg with Alfred Partikel. Later he became assistant to Richard Sichowsky, his teacher of typography and book design. In 1954, the artist illustrated the "Tales of Children" by Friedrich Rückerts. This was followed by "Antigone or Roman on Crete" for the book guild Gutenberg and "Pet the fish", a fairy tale of his future wife Marianne Rohse. After leading the class for typography and book design at the Werkkunstschule Offenbach / Main from 1960 to 1961, he founded the "Otto Rohse Presse" a year later, in which bibliophile book editions of high standards were published. Furthermore, the artist was known for his design of stamps and stamp series for the Deutsche Bundespost. In 1967, Rohse designed the catalog in the German Pavilion of the Expo in Montreal, as well as three large-format leather volumes on German history. Until 2000, the Deutsche Bundespost published 60 stamps with designs by Otto Rohse. In addition, he created 650 wood engravings, 350 engravings, as well as numerous book productions and etchings. In 2002, Otto Rohse was awarded the Gutenberg Prize by the City of Mainz and the International Gutenberg Society for his work as a wood engraver and engraver, as well as for the openness of the image context.