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The International Gutenberg Society

Do you enjoy academic literature? Do you love books and
their history? Are you interested in the graphic arts and design?
Are you studying media or history, or do you work in the media
industry, as a researcher or in the book industry? If yes, then
the Gutenberg Society is right for you. For over 100 years, our
organization has been an active network of book enthusiasts and
researchers. Become a member of the Society and begin to reap
the benefits:

Meet like-minded people: At our many events, you can engage
in rich conversations with other members, professional printers,
book artists, bibliographers and book historians, innovators of
printing technology, and typographers, among other interesting

Broaden your knowledge: As a member you will receive our yearly
publication the Gutenberg-Jahrbuch, fi lled with contemporary
articles treating book studies, as well as online access to previous
years’ publications. Additionally, you will receive invitations to
all our yearly events, including academic excursions, conferences,
colloquia, and other themed events. Moreover, throughout the
year you can enjoy free admission to the Gutenberg Museum in

Support research: With your annual dues, you actively support
research on the history and development of printing and other
text-oriented media. Your contributions help fund the Gutenberg
Museum as well as the expansion of the Gutenberg Library.
Each year your support gives a young artist the opportunity to
exhibit their talent on the dust jacket of the Gutenberg-Jahrbuch.
Modest membership fee: Our current annual dues are 60 Euros
(30 Euros for students). Corporations will be asked to pay an
increased subscription rate.

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