| Friends of Gutenberg – Jour Fixe

After a long forced break it is finally time again: The Gutenberg Society invites you to the evening "Jour Fixe der Freunde Gutenbergs"!

| Handover and presentation of the Gutenberg Yearbook 2020

On 13 July at 5 pm the handover and presentation of the Gutenberg Yearbook 2020, hot off the press, will take place.

| The International Gutenberg Society participates in the virtual Johannisnacht in Mainz

Due to Corona St. John´s Night can not take place as usual, but like the city said: "Honoring Gutenberg - We´ll do it virtually!"

| CANCELLED - Day excursion to Gernsheim

Visit to the studio of our city group leader Mario Derra in the cultural monument and teaching museum Altes E-Werk.

| CANCELLED - Friends of Gutenberg - Jour Fixe

Topic: Women printers 500 years ago - New research findings

Speaker: Dr. Saskia Limbach

| Cancelled! - The Gutenberg Society at the Leipziger Book Fair 2019

The Gutenberg Society will once again be presenting itself at the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair at the joint stand of the Gutenberg Museum and the Gutenberg...

| XXV Mainz Colloquium "Need Children Books?"

Book science colloquium "Do children need books? Media use in the age of digitalisation"

| The Kulturei do Santa Claus and games evening

Going there and playing along

| Friends of Gutenberg - Jour Fixe

Topic: Games evening with Gutenberg 

Speakers: Stefan Matlik, Klaus Wilinski and Harro Neuhardt

| 20th Mainz Book Fair

Visit and Win