Friends of Gutenberg – Jour Fixe

After a long forced break it is finally time again: The Gutenberg Society invites you to the evening "Jour Fixe der Freunde Gutenbergs"!

All old and new friends of the Gutenberg Society as well as of the popular Jour Fixe format are cordially invited to an exciting discussion round in a spectacular Mainz cultural ambience - physical well-being will be provided. In order to comply with the applicable distance and hygiene rules, the event will be held open air.

Topic: Cycles in the book and media industry
Speakers: Nadine Kümmel and Thorsten Noll

Raw material cycles play a central role within the Cradle to Cradle concept. A distinction is made between the biological and the technical cycle. Products that are subject to wear and tear are called consumer goods and should be designed for biological cycles. This means that any abrasion or loss of the product must be 100% degradable in order to be used as a biological nutrient. In contrast, consumer goods are not exposed to wear and tear and can circulate continuously in technical cycles. These are raw materials that are only available in limited quantities on earth and must therefore be maintained at a consistently high quality.

In their presentation, Nadine Kümmel and Thorsten Noll will introduce us to the cycles in the book and media industry and show how the concept of Cradle to Cradle can ensure greater climate neutrality and less shortage of raw materials.

This will be followed by another small, beloved wine tasting. Registration is requested at or by phone at 06131-226420. Please note that, due to the current corona regulations, you must register with your name and address at the latest on site.

Date: 27 August 2020
Time: 6 pm
Location: Kulturei (Citadel Mainz)
Host: International Gutenberg Society

Free admission, donations for the winemaker are kindly requested.