Guided tour: "Behind the parchment: the world"

Guided tour: "Behind the parchment: the world. The Frankfurt merchant Peter Ugelheimer and the art of book illumination in the Venice of the Renaissance"

Some of the most beautiful and intellectually sophisticated book paintings of the Italian Renaissance were created for the Frankfurt merchant Peter Ugelheimer (1440/45-1487/88), who emigrated to Venice. The Frankfurter not only has a great importance as a client of miniatures and exquisite book covers, but he is also one of the pioneers of the modern book trade and contributed as a financier to the new printing industry and finally as a publisher significantly to the rise of Venice as the European capital of printing. For the first time, the Frankfurter Dommuseum presents Ugelheimer's books at an exhibition in Germany. 

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Frankfurter Dommuseum (self-arranged transport)
Host: International Gutenberg Society in cooperation with the Frankfurter Dommuseum
Number of participations: maximum 20 people
Please register at or by phone at 06131/226429