Longdrinks in the Baron

Going there and having a say

The series of events "Longdrinks in the Baron" of the International Gutenberg Society is entering a new round. It offers the opportunity to discuss exciting topics in a relaxed and student setting.

Topic: "Are you still reading or collecting?" - Collecting with an affinity to books

Japanese actually have a term for the habit of buying too many books on a regular basis, for which one actually does not have the time to read them all promptly: Tsundoku. Translated this means "stacking the reading material". We will discuss this book-affine attitude, which readers all over the world probably know, in our discussion. Do we buy too many books? Is it even possible to buy too many books? What criteria should a book fulfil so that it can stay in our collection? And can books be disposed of without a guilty conscience?

But there are other facets to the subject: When can we call ourselves collectors? Is the collection of merchandise items part of a book series also book-related collecting? All those who are interested are cordially invited to exchange ideas on this topic with us in a relaxed atmosphere. Registration is not necessary.

Date: 14 November 2019
Start: 6 pm
Location: Cafébar Baron, Campus Mainz
Host: International Gutenberg Society