Event for the opening of the Johannisnacht in Mainz

Johannes Gutenberg und „Der Teutschen Sprache Stammbaum und Fortwachs“

Dr. Erwin Kreim (collector, linguist) presents some important works of his collection on the development of the German high-level language in the Gutenberg Museum. In addition to "Opus Lingua Germanica" (1641) by Schottelius and "Der Teutschen Sprache Stammbaum und Fortwachs oder Teutscher Sprachschatz" (1691) by Kaspar Stieler, the most comprehensive work of the 17th century on this subject, "Des Spaten Teutsche Sekretariat-Kunst" (1673), with two volumes and more than 5,000 pages, is presented.

The books presented are milestones of our language and masterpieces of printing technology. They are an impressive application of Gutenberg's invention and a major promotion of the dissemination of a uniform German high-level language.

Daniela Berner M.A. (PhD student with Prof. Breuer, JGU) emphasizes the cultural importance of German letter authors with her contribution "Skillfully and cleverly to lead".

Musical accompaniment: Johannes Herres and Isabel Röbstorf, recorder duo, Hochschule für Musik, Frankfurt /M.


Date: June 21, 2019
Time: 5 pm
Location: Gutenberg Museum
Hosts: International Gutenberg Society, Gutenberg Museum and Mainz Library Society
Admission: Free