XXV Mainz Colloquium "Need Children Books?"

Book science colloquium "Do children need books? Media use in the age of digitalisation"

The 25th Mainz Colloquium on the Significance of Children's Books is being held to mark the launch of the new course offered by Mainzer Buchwissenschaft in cooperation with Frankfurter Jugendbuchforschung, the Master of Arts in Children's and Youth Literature/Book Science. In March 2019, the journalist Katrin Hörnlein provocatively asked in the ZEIT, "Why do children still need books?" Following on from this, the one-day event will discuss the use of media by children in the age of digitalisation. In the proven tradition of the Mainz Colloquium, the topics will be discussed by lecturers from research and practice. The first panel will be fundamentally devoted to the role of books in (media) socialisation. Inspired by current and controversial research discussions that led to the Stavanger Declaration on the Future of Reading (2019) and by US reading researcher Maryanne Wolf in her new book "Fast reading, slow reading. Why we must not forget to read books" (2019), the second panel discusses the challenge of learning to read on various media. To round off the topic, the last panel will focus on the central (?) role of children's books in the formation of a diverse and empathic society.

Organization: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Corinna Norrick-Rühl, Dr. Anke Vogel

Date: Friday 31 January, 2020
Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Location: Alte Mensa/Atrium Maximum
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Johann-Joachim Becher-Weg 3-9
Host: Institute for Book Science in cooperation with the International Gutenberg Society