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The International Gutenberg Society is an international association for the study of the history and development of printing technology and written media.

The Society was founded on June 23, 1901 in Mainz and is one of the most traditional scientific societies in Mainz. The Gutenberg Society, together with the city of Mainz and, in turn, with the city of Leipzig, awards the € 10,000 Gutenberg Prize for outstanding artistic, technical or scientific achievements in the field of printing.

In addition to promoting research in the printing and book industry, it provides conceptual and material support for the Gutenberg Museum Mainz. Its membership consists of around 800 members in 31 countries of the world (as of 2018). Its president is the Lord Mayor of Mainz.

Expand knowledge

The Gutenberg Society financially and ideally promotes the exploration of the history and present of printing and written media. As an important result of this effort, the society publishes once a year the "Gutenberg Yearbook", published since 1926, one of the most important publications on the subject of book, print and written history. The members of the Gutenberg Society receive it free of charge as an annual gift. Older vintages can be viewed and searched exclusively by members over the Internet. The access data for this access is given to each new member upon entry from the office. The "Small Prints" of the Society are published in loose sequence as well. They access current research results in a larger context.

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