Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs

On the one hand, I work as a publisher of textbooks on typography and design, and as an art director I am also responsible for the look and features; on the other hand I am also the own printer of our books and thus as one of the few printers/publishers still quite close to the professional image of Gutenberg.

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
Gutenberg has "invented" my profession and, with the combination of creative exploration of technical possibilities with the highest aesthetic quality, is our shining example.

My goals:
On the one hand, to constantly improve the work opportunities of the Museum and, on the other hand, to better coordinate the various positive activities around the Gutenberg Museum and thereby make it more effective.

My target audience:
Gutenberg's invention created the prerequisite for learning to read for all. Today, digesting the flood of information must be encouraged for all. Typography is an important tool for this - it should already be taught at school.