Dr. Corinna Norrick-Rühl

Professor of Book Studies at the Chair of Book Studies, English Department, University of Münster.

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
On the one hand Gutenberg and his inventions are possible subjects of research for me, on the other hand his inventions form the starting point for the development of the printed book, with which I occupy myself professionally as a scientist and privately as an enthusiastic reader and book collector.

My goals:
I want to be supportive of affiliate advertising so that our Society remains functional. I want to do my part to create new and attractive event formats especially for younger, working members. In addition, through my contacts abroad, I would like to help make the Society more international.

My target audience:
I particularly want to work for the students, but also inspire the scientific community for our Society.

Why IGS:
As a book lover, the Gutenberg Society is a place for like-minded people and has many opportunities to participate in exciting and unique excursions and other events.