Günther Knödler

I am in "active" retirement, have spent 43 1/2 years the profession of banker, most recently with many years as a member of the Board of Mainz Volksbank.

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
For me, Gutenberg is the "figurehead" for the city of Mainz, which has an international impact, and thus opens doors for the city worldwide to represent its historical and, above all, academic aspirations. The derivations from the work of Gutenberg are extremely diverse and are aimed at many areas, including acting in the present time in science, technology and culture.

My goals:
Remind, deepen and spread the work and work of Gutenberg in the population of Mainz, regionally and internationally, so that Gutenberg will remain known to everyone in the 21st century, and that its invention will continue in its manifold use for the future.

My target audience:
As a member of the Working Group "Membership Advertising" and of the Scientific Advisory Board, I am particularly interested in winning new members and promoting research.

Why IGS:
I do not see any material advantages, but rather the possibility of the Gutenberg Society experiencing "entry" into the world of book science, not as a scientist but also as a layman, and not least through the events of society my hobby of experiencing history and to "indulge" in the progress of human action.