Julia Lumma

Head of Digital, VRM.

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
Johannes Gutenberg is the "father of mass communication", a "man with visions, dreams and still a realist". What can be read on the website of the International Gutenberg Society describes very well what significance Gutenberg also has for me: A media revolutionary. As a journalist and media worker, this impact is inspiring - and can be transferred to the present day, a time in which another media revolution is taking place.

My goals:
To carry Gutenberg's legacy into the digital world, to strengthen journalistic values and to inspire young people, that's what interests me. A first point of contact can be the presence on the web as well as on social media - often the first contact with and to a young target group. From my professional perspective I can give impulses for my work in the International Gutenberg Society.

My target audience:
As a committed child and youth worker, it is important to me to give young people in particular access to Gutenberg and the work of the International Gutenberg Society. It is exciting to show Digital Natives the importance of Gutenberg in the present time and in the (digital) future and to give them the opportunity to discover.

Why IGS:
As a media creator and Digital Director at the VRM, I was intensively involved with the effects of digitisation, including explicitly how we as a media house develop our content to make it accessible to "users". In the Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, I see the connection between research of the history and development of printing technology and questions about modern publishing and the effects of digitization. The connection between technological distribution channels and content is still very topical today. Personally, I hope for exciting impulses and interesting conversations on this topic, but at the same time for the possibility to share my experiences and knowledge with others. I think the international aspect and the view outside the box are exciting.