Michael Ebling

Lord Mayor of the city of Mainz

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
The development of printing with movable type triggered a big bang for a media revolution. As the city's most famous son, Gutenberg plays an outstanding role in the city's history and is an important figurehead for the state capital of Mainz.

My goals:
As President of the Gutenberg Society, I would like to cultivate and preserve the heritage of Gutenberg. For a progressive development of the society I would like to gain as many new members as possible and also actively support the Gutenberg Museum.

My target audience:
It is a matter of the heart to enthrall all Mainz students for the exciting field of book printing and the written media, I also want to win over students for membership.

Why IGS:
The Gutenberg Society is one of the most traditional scientific societies in Mainz. To preside as president is a great honor for me.