Thorsten Mühl

Chairman of the Board of Management of Sparkasse Mainz.

Gutenberg's meaning for me:
Gutenberg's work has had a lasting influence on humanity - even today. What began with printed parchment and paper is increasingly continuing with digital media. Gutenberg is still present today because he is the inventor of mass communication.

My goals:
Gutenberg is regarded as the creator of the first media revolution. My goal is to preserve the knowledge about this in times of the digital revolution through a strong Gutenberg Society and the Gutenberg Museum.

My target audience:
My target group are all people who want to deal with the history and legacy of Gutenberg.

Why IGS:
The Gutenberg Society is committed to researching the printing and book industries and to preserving the Gutenberg Museum. It is also one of the most traditional scientific societies in Mainz. I support the Gutenberg Society to ensure that this work can be continued and that the tradition stays alive.