| Friends of Gutenberg - Jour Fixe

Topic: Scandinavian bestsellers on the German book market - analysis of the current literature boom

| Guided tour through the Scientific City Library Mainz

As a historical heritage, the Scientific City Library Mainz preserves a stock of approx. 77,000 prints from the 16th to 18th centuries. It owes most...

| Conversation with the "Munich Bookmakers"

The second event of our new city group in Munich under the leadership of our member Ernst Reif is a visit to the "Munich Bookmakers". At the beginning...

| Curator's tour of the exhibition "Paul Renner in his time – book designer, typographer, painter"

We cordially invite you to our first event in the new Munich city group!

| Friends of Gutenberg - Jour Fixe

Topic: Presentation of the children's book "Johannes Gutenberg und die verschwundenen Lettern"

| Come with me to the realm of black art - the art of printing!

Author reading for children: "Johannes Gutenberg and the disappeared letters"

| The Gutenberg Society at the Leipziger Book Fair 2019

The Gutenberg Society will once again be presenting itself at the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair at the joint stand of the Gutenberg Museum and the Gutenberg...

| Day excursion to Heidelberg

The exhibition in the Heidelberg University Library is dedicated to a reform movement in book production and design that took place in Europe and the...

| XXIV Mainz Colloquium: "Artificial intelligence in the book world – machines as lecturers, machines as readers?"

Language assistants like Amazon´s Alexa or Google Home are only the most visible applications for artificial intelligence in the publishing world. In...

| Friends of Gutenberg - Jour Fixe

Topic: The Gutenberg Press in Mainz on its travels - German Book Exhibitions Abroad