Gutenberg Yearbook

The Gutenberg Society has published the Gutenberg Yearbook since 1926. It is the central scientific publication organ of international Gutenberg research and contains specialist articles in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. The topics covered by the Yearbook are wide-ranging and include articles on the history of printing, paper, bibliography, book trade and publishing, as well as typography, illustration and book binding. For all its scholarly nature, care is taken to ensure that even the interested layman can read the yearbook with pleasure and profit. 

"Small Prints"

In addition to the periodically appearing yearbook, the Gutenberg Society published the publication series of the "Small Prints". They appear in loose sequence and are sent to members free of charge upon publication.

Furthermore, the Gutenberg Society publishes other publications on special occasions (commemorative and special publications).


The Small Prints, other publications as well as the Yearbooks of the volumes up to 2010 can be bought from the office of the International Gutenberg Society. You can order our publications with our order form (PDF). Please send the filled out order form to our office.

The Gutenberg Yearbooks from 2011 onwards can be ordered directly from the Harrassowitz Verlag at a price of 75, 85 or 98 Euros.

All available titles of the Gutenberg Society with prices can be found in our complete index.

Publications of the Society of Bibliophiles

The "Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen e.V." (Society of Bibliophiles) was founded in 1899 and is thus the oldest bibliophile society in Germany. It offers a place for all enthusiastic book collectors. Through conferences and events on printers, book artists and libraries, it is an open forum for book lovers of all kinds. Their goal is to "contribute to the development of a lively, creative bibliophilia".

Like the International Gutenberg Society, the Society of Bibliophiles also publishes publications, such as the yearbook IMPRIMATUR, which was founded in 1930. Here you will find the list of available titles of the Society of Bibliophiles: list.