Review of the excursion to Darmstadt

On Tuesday, 13.08.2019, our annual day excursion took place. Together with the Gutenberg Foundation and good weather we took the bus to Darmstadt. Our first stop was the branch office of the Hessian State Museum for type casting, typesetting and printing processes. Here we first visited Mr. Gerstenberg, the last type founder in the world, in his workshop. He showed us among other things the casting with his double casting machines and the milling of the mats to the required length. We continued in the same house. Because also the printing museum operated by honorary helpers wanted to show us their machines and crafts. A trained typesetter told us about manual typesetting with lead letters, the handling of the typesetting box and image printing using the raster method. We also saw the setting and casting machines Monotype and Linotype as well as a stop-cylinder-fast press in action and were explained to us by experienced helpers.

Hungry, we arrived at the restaurant Sitte, where a three-course menu was already waiting for us.

The third stop on our trip was the Mathildenhöhe. Here we got a guided walk around the beautiful artist colony, which was created by the work of numerous Art Nouveau artists. We were even allowed to have a look into the "Großes Haus Glückert" and to convince ourselves of Olbrich's interior design ideas. At the end of the tour we went to the Museum Künstlerkolonie, where we were not only allowed to see numerous works of art, furniture and objects of daily use of the Art Nouveau style, but also an exhibition on the connection of the Mathildenhöhe with Bauhaus is currently being presented.

An all around successful excursion with a great group - many thanks to all participants, hosts and organizers.

The newly founded Munich City Group

Since the beginning of 2019, the Gutenberg Society has wanted to expand its activities and involve its internationally distributed members more closely by founding locally active city groups. The cooperation of like-minded people needs points of contact, which we want to make available. Above all, personal encounters provide the opportunity to expand and deepen knowledge about the areas of interest through contacts. Our member Ernst Reif has now launched the first city group of this kind in Munich and started with the first events in April 2019.

Further information about upcoming events can be found under News.

Join in
You also wanted to establish a group in your region? We will support you! Contact us by mail at or by phone at (+49)6131/226420.


An Obituary for Jens Beutel, former Lord Mayor of the City of Mainz and former President of the Gutenberg Society

The Presidium and Board of the International Gutenberg Society in Mainz mourn the death of the former Lord Mayor of Mainz and its former President Jens Beutel, who died on May8th 2019 at the age of 72.

Jens Beutel was born in Lünen in 1946 and, after completing his law studies, initially worked as a judge in Frankenthal, Koblenz and Mainz. In 1974, Beutel began his political career in the local advisory board of the Mainz district of Mombach. The SPD politician was elected to the city council in 1989 and the mayor of Mainz in 1997. He held this office until his retirement at the end of 2011.

During his time as Lord Mayor, Jens Beutel was also President of the International Gutenberg Society by virtue of his office. In doing so, he was committed to the interests of the society beyond the mere official duty. During his presidency in 2001, the Society celebrated its 100th anniversary. Even after his time as President, Jens Beutel remained closely associated with the themes and goals of the Gutenberg Society and the Gutenberg Museum. He continued to be an active member and participated regularly in the events, most recently during the festivities marking the Gutenberg Year 2018.

In 2005 Jens Beutel received the medal of honour of the Mainz twin city Dijon and in 2011 the ring of honour of the city of Mainz for his almost four decades of local political activity. In many respects, he was a formative personality in the history of Mainz. Our sympathy goes especially to his family and all his relatives.

Presidium and Board of the International Gutenberg Society in Mainz e.V.

YouTube channel with Gutenberg videos

As a follow-up to the manifold activities in the Gutenberg year 2018, the Mainz Institute of Book Science was able to publish its own YouTube channel with nine films each in German and English on "Gutenberg und die Erfindung des Buchdruck" / "Gutenberg and the impact of printing in Western culture" on the Internet. The production of letters, casting, the printing press, the exclusion of typesetting, the Gutenberg Bible, rubrication and illumination, the Göttingen sample book, the spread of the art of book printing during the incunabula period and the mechanisation of typesetting production in the 19th century are presented. These films were produced for the Enhanced E-Book on Gutenberg by Rowohlt, who published them as Digibuch Plus in 2013.

Since the 6th edition of the Gutenberg paperback is currently being published in German by Rowohlt and the 1st edition in English by Haus-Publishing in London in early summer, these films will also be included in the e-book by QR code in print and by link.

We are happy to recommend these films to your attention:

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