Who we are

The International Gutenberg Society is an international association for the past and present History of the Art of Printing and font oriented media. The Society was founded on 23 June 1901, and is one of the most traditional scientific societies in Mainz.

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As a member of the Gutenberg Society you profite in many ways. The membership includes a free copy of the Gutenberg Yearbook, published every year, free admission for the Gutenberg Museum and you are invited to the exclusive programm for the Society members.

The Gutenberg Yearbook

Since 1926 the International Gutenberg Society published the periodical Publication the Gutenberg Yearbook. It has become the leading scientific yearbook worldwide in the fields of Gutenberg research and research into the history of the art of printing and of the book in general.

Gutenberg Prize 2024

Dr Valentyna Bochkovska, Director of the Museum of Books and Printing in Kyiv/Ukraine, receives the prize for her ‘selfless and courageous commitment under the most difficult conditions to the preservation of national cultural assets!

Together with the City of Mainz, we are delighted to present the Gutenberg Prize 2024 to Museum Director Dr Valentyna Bochkovska!

This year's prizewinner is being honoured for her courageous and selfless commitment to national cultural assets under the most difficult conditions of war. The jury justified its decision by stating that ‘the preservation and safeguarding of cultural assets and thus also the preservation of identity in the recent history of Europe deserves special attention’.
The ceremony will take place on 22 June 2024, 12:30 pm in the Forster Hall of the Electoral Palace.

Participation is at the invitation of the Lord Mayor Nino Haase. Members of the International Gutenberg Society in Mainz e.V. have exclusive access!

Read the official press release from the city here.

Gutenberg's workshop at lulu Mainz

In the lulu Mainz, the former Karstadt building, the sponsoring organisations of the Gutenberg Museum, the Gutenberg Society and the Gutenberg Foundation present themselves on the gallery directly at the entrance next to the Gutenberg Shop. There they want to come into contact with the people of Mainz and whet their appetite for "their museum" and the topics surrounding Gutenberg and letterpress printing. In Gutenberg's workshop, for example, visitors can find out about all the latest developments at the Gutenberg Museum, such as the recently published feasibility study for the new Gutenberg Museum.

But you can also find out about topics of book-science research with the help of various information materials or in a personal conversation. Numerous Gutenberg yearbooks invite visitors to browse or test their knowledge of book printing with a Gutenberg quiz with prizes to be won. There is also a game table where visitors can play "Bleilaus", a printer's Black Peter.

Anyone who likes to be creative can make their own printed product in our small printing workshop for a donation – and learn all there is to know about the Gutenberg Museum's print shop, which offers experts and amateurs alike, young and old, a unique opportunity to further develop their printing creativity.

Of course, when visiting Gutenberg's workshop it is also possible to become a member of the Gutenberg Society. As a member of the Gutenberg Society you receive exclusive benefits, such as free admission to various events or the Gutenberg Yearbook: "All Mainzers should become part of the Gutenberg Community. Come along and join in!" (Dr. Julia Bangert, Secretary General of the Gutenberg Society and Manager of the Freundeskreis Gutenberg)

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