Small Prints

New Small Print Nr. 113

The members of the Gutenberg Society received a special Christmas present at the end of last year: a new Small Print. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the latest addition to our series of publications.  

The last volume in the Small Print series was published in 1997, so it was high time to revive this publication series. The new Small Print with the number 113 is characterized by its special and high-quality design. On exquisite, shimmering green paper, it contains the literarily appealing speech "Die Fliege in meinem Auge" ("The Fly in My Eye") by the German-Turkish writer and artist Feridun Zaimoglu on the occasion of his inauguration as Mainz Stadtschreiber in 2015. In it, he recapitulates in a poetically formulated retrospective his life and experiences in his school days up to the time when he wrote his first book. This speech is accompanied by three selected pictorial works by Zaimoglu. Since 2011, his paintings in Japanese acrylic paint have been created in parallel with his literary works and predominantly show people in "symbolic situations" that are pure figments of his imagination. A double page spread in the center of the Small Print features his painting "Seelentreffen" (2013), and the cover pages are also adorned by two of his works: on the front, the painting "Über den Wipfeln" from 2019, and on the back, the painting titled "Liebe mich" (2015). Thus, Feridun Zaimoglu's personality is convincingly reflected in this work, both on a literary and artistic level.

Copies of the new Small Print are available now at a price of €8. Members who wish to purchase additional copies of Small Print 113 in addition to their free complimentary copy will receive a discount; for them the price is only €5. You can easily place orders by phone at 06131/226420, by e-mail to or by using the order form below.


The "Small Prints" are non-periodical publications. Members get the new book for free.

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