Gutenberg Yearbook

Handover and presentation of the Gutenberg Yearbook 2020

On 13 July at 5 p.m. the handover and presentation of the Gutenberg Yearbook 2020, hot off the press, took place.

The long-time editor, Prof. Dr. Stephan Füssel, presented the newly published Gutenberg Yearbook 2020 to the President of the International Gutenberg Society in Mainz e. V., Mayor Michael Ebling, and introduced some highlights of the yearbook. These included exciting and topical contributions, such as the international teamwork in Strasbourg, Mainz and Italy, which is behind Johannes Gutenberg's development, and the first exhibition of a Gutenberg Bible in Moscow, which was lost after 1945. The Bible has a rich history of provenance, the traces of which also lead to Mainz and to a Leipzig collector.

The Gutenberg Yearbook has been published by the Gutenberg Society since 1926 and is the central scientific publication organ of international Gutenberg research. It is usually presented each year at the annual meeting of the International Gutenberg Society on the Saturday of the Johannisnacht in Mainz. However, due to the current situation, this had to be postponed until autumn, so we are pleased to be able to offer all interested parties an insight into the new Gutenberg Yearbook as a substitute for the cancelled festivities.

The event could be followed in the livestream via our Facebook page and our Instagram account. Here you can now watch the summary of the presentation in the video.


The Gutenberg Yearbook is the central scientific publication organ of international Gutenberg research. It was founded in 1926 by Aloys Ruppel on behalf of the Gutenberg Society and has been published by the Society ever since.

On each of the usually more than 400 pages of this very dignified work there are about 30 technical articles in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. The scientifically responsible editor of the yearbook is the director of the Institute for Book Science of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Prof. Dr. Stephan Füssel.

In addition to contributions on Gutenberg's life and work and the results of incunabula research, the yearbook's topics cover a wide range: the history of book printing from its beginnings to the present day, the history of paper, library history, the history of book trade and publishing, the history of type, modern typesetting and printing processes, developments in typography and new media, book illustration, book binding, newspaper and press work, literature reports on book printing and binding. In spite of all the scientific knowledge, care is taken to ensure that even the interested layman can read the book with pleasure and profit.


You can order the Gutenberg Yearbook with our order form (PDF). Please send us the filled out order form to our office.


When you are interested in writing an article, you can find our style sheet here. Please send us the manuscript in a digital format as a CD-ROM or E-Mail. The Deadline is the 30 September in the previous year. The Gutenberg Yearbook is published annually around the 24 June.


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